Sunday, 14 July 2019


I've started the texturing process, having learned a bit more about unwrapping and projections and what not. I need to tweak this and draw a better aztec texture but the idea is there;

akira class starship aztec panelling


Monday, 8 July 2019

Details, details details

Just pouring in the detail now, various bits done to the weapons pod, as well as the vents put in the saucer impulse engines. Got a few more panels and windows to cut out on the catamarans but I like to meter those out so as not to get bored (they're very tedious).

akira class top view


Thursday, 4 July 2019

RCS thrusters and sensor palette

Completely re-modelled the RCS thrusters, the original ones were quick and nasty. Also added a sensor palette similar to that on 1701-D. (Old vs. new)

akira class starship rcs thrusters

Akira class starship RCS thrusters and sensors


Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Better geometry

I learnt a far better way of doing the escape pods, mainly building one, and then cloning that using empties. So I've been going round aligning empties with my existing escape pods and replacing them with the much higher quality version below, looks far better imo.

akira class starship high detail escape pod mesh

akira class starship high quality escape pod mesh


Monday, 1 July 2019

Escape pods and better lighting

I've added some escape pods, as well as changing up the lighting to be more physically accurate to real world values. Cheat windows for now with emission added to the glass, I'll do interiors later on down the line.

akira class starship escape pods pbr lighting

akira class starship pbr lighting stars


Friday, 28 June 2019

Ahead full impulse

We have impulse engines, plus some underside panelling and other various detail bits dotted around.

akira class starship rear impulse engines

Akira class starship underside impulse engines


Tuesday, 25 June 2019

More windows...

Windows all cut in the saucer underside, phaser strips added, and some detailing added to the insides of the nacelles.

Akira class starship deflector array


Thursday, 20 June 2019

Re-route power from the deflector

Now that we have one! I re-did the deflector, using the Enterprise E deflector as a the basis. It needs a bit of tweaking but the idea is there. I didn't go wild on the geometry because it'll never resolve at anything other than hyper close range.


Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Playing with some temporary materials

Had a play with setting up some base materials, and trying to dial in a look. The Enterprise-E is surprisingly 'white' when brightly lit (in First Contact anyway), whereas the Akira looks very dark in FC, but again that could be due to lighting, so I need to decide how I'm going to play this;

Lens flare to hide the awful first pass at the deflector

I feel like this is almost certainly too dark


Monday, 17 June 2019

More phaser & nacelle detail

I made the strip a bit 'humpier' (that's a word right?) and rebuilt the detail, also added the caps on either end, plus some other bits on the nacelles done.

Akira class starship saucer phaser strip

Akira class starship Bussard collector nacelle

akira class starship rear warp nacelle