Thursday, 6 October 2011

Scaling & Walkthrough...

As this has progressed it became clear that engineering was too long, as in the section with the pool table in, clearly my calculations went a bit off somewhere. I've shaved a few feet off the length of that section and it looks much better, not sure that its fully accurate to the original set, but it definitely looks better. Few other new bits, including a (very rough) master systems display, and a tad more texturing...

I will get round to doing a proper warp core at some point, that's going to be tricky though, doubly so if I want it to light up (which lets face it, I do!), that one will have to mull around in my head for a while with regard to how I'm going to do that. Another section causing me headaches is the consoles opposite the quarter circle window, as the walls sit at strange angles and trying to keep everything 'on-grid' is a nightmare, again, I'll come back to that.


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