Sunday, 16 October 2011

Now arriving NCC-1701-D...

I've been thinking about sections of the ship that we never see on screen, obviously we only ever see a tiny fraction of the ship, mainly because that's all they could build set wise. I gave it some thought and had an idea for what would effectively be 'the arrivals lounge'. Maybe officers or dignitaries arriving on board via airlock would use this room, or something to that effect.

Located on Deck 25 on the 'neck' of the ship, here's my concept, in early stages...


Edit, some further tweaks, I think this looks better...

Definitely more natural lighting and the ceiling is more interesting. This is kinda what I'm using as a rough reference...


  1. I'm digging the reception space around the airlock :)

    In fact, I'm digging all your work on this. Keep going!

    1. It's still happening slowly when I have the time. Thanks very much though, really appreciate your comments. :)