Monday, 5 December 2011

More updates to the Jefferies Tubes...

I've had to tweak some of the sizes slightly, I couldn't find any schematics for the actual Jefferies tubes, or anything remotely canonical that related to their size, so this is purely guesswork...


  1. Wow! Your work is absolutely awesome!
    Follow it for a while already.
    I hope we can at some point download the map/the program :)
    Greets from Germany
    (sry for my bad english)

    1. Hi Marc. Thanks very much for the kind words, sorry I didnt reply soon, I didnt get an email to say there'd been a comment, lol. Once the maps progress a bit I'll update the files for everyone. Glad you like it so far :)

      P.S. The English is fine, its far better than my German anyway!