Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fill, sand, fill, sand, fill, sand...

The title pretty much explains today's events, filling and sanding. The vast majority of the panel lines on the secondary hull are gone, and most of the filling is done, it just needs a few more passes, then I'll do a test coat of primer to highlight further defects more easily. I am not looking forward to sanding the saucer section, of that much I am certain.

Also made a start on the dorsal pylon, gluing in the tubing to correct the docking port sizes, I'll sand and fill those tomorrow. I've masked the nacelle pylons ready for sanding too, but I don't think they'll take long.

Making some progress sanding the panel lines off.

Masking up ready to start sanding the pylons.

Correctly sized docking ports done, I'll sand and fill these tomorrow no doubt.


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