Friday, 22 August 2014

Rip it up and start again...

My 'ceiling pod' was wrong, and as I got further in to it, it became more and more apparent. Something had gone awry with my scaling, and I found some actual blueprints from the set that confirmed this for me (see below). It's one of those parts that is easier to just bin and start a fresh with, as opposed to trying to fix it, so that's what I did. So here's the mark 2...


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  1. I've got pics of many of the voyager set plans in my flickr
    (some are quite large and so need to "view original")

    In a few of these plans, I've figured out the faded numbers and written them on top - such as this turbolift

    My other flickr albums have set blueprints from the various star trek series

    Hope this helps