Saturday, 24 June 2017

USS Excalibur Bridge

I can finally show off the design work I did for the USS Excalibur, for use in the upcoming Excalibur fan made video game. The design aim  here was to merge the Sovereign and Intrepid bridge designs to maintain a visual continuity, whilst also evolving those designs in to something that still 'looks' canon. The shots below are very early work in progress but give a good idea of the layout and design direction.

The model was originally built in SketchUp but this has proven to be a huge pain when it comes to importing in to Unreal; SketchUp outputs really messy non game-ready geometry. I'm in the process of learning Maya for future Excalibur models.



  1. This is great! Whats funny I am trying to do he same thing with a sketchup file in unreal. Any tips? Resources?

    1. Hi Nick, unfortunately the only real way is to export the SketchUp file into Maya or 3DSMax and do A LOT of manual geometry cleanup, so much so that I'm avoiding SketchUp for the rest of the Excalibur project. It's a shame because it's so easy to use and great for this kind of thing, but it's so much hassle to get it in to unreal in the end.