Friday, 3 February 2012

Sanding my life away...

Quite a lot of updates on this one. Firstly, i noticed as soon as I got the kit the the photon torpedo launcher part was missing. I flirted with the idea of ordering a replacement part from Don's Light and Magic, but it only comes as part of a kit, along with other parts, and I'm really not looking to spend that kind of money. So I had to fabricate one, of which so far I've made the backing plate, I'll knock up the launcher tubes separately later on.

I also sanded the primer back off on parts of the hull that I wasn't happy with, and refilled these sections, which so far is looking better. Also made a start sanding the warp nacelles.

Now, I'd made a start sanding the top saucer section, and it quickly dawned on me that I could well spend the rest of my life on this part alone, its hard work. After a trip to the garage to scout out a better way of doing it, I came across some much harsher sandpaper than I was using before, which has made life far easier. It's still damned hard work, but I least I stand a chance of getting it finished before real starships are being launched.

It's getting there, slowly.



  1. Nice progress so far! Just a thought, but what if you covered the hull with a thin layer of putty to fill in all the etchings and then sanded it smooth? Then just scribe new panel lines with an x-acto.

    1. I'm keep thinking about doing that, but the putty I've got (squadron green) is pretty thick, and starts to dry within seconds of it being out the tube, I'll do an experiment on a test region and see how it goes.