Sunday, 2 October 2011


The first area I started was engineering, I've got the scale right to about +/- 1ft or so, I've been using some plans of Paramount stage 9 (see below) and managed to work out most of the dimensions from that.

When I started I was trying to just model key geometry, but obviously as I progressed things have got more detailed.

I've done a fair bit in the last week or so so here's where I'm up to so far, bear in mind the textures are all quick rough ones just to get a feel for colour and help asses lighting (which in itself isn't great right now)...

There's still a few compiler glitches sitting about which will need sorting at some point I guess, for now I'll remodel the warp core to look better and sort the 'core room' out (lifts, raised platforms etc).


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